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Winter's Tryst - January 2008

Austin American-Statesman Review
Perhaps it's the clever mix of live chamber music and dance with each taking turns stepping to center stage. Or maybe it's the impressive range of artistic emotion that's compressed into small-scale works. Whatever. American Repertory Ensemble has mastered the art of smartly packaging modern classical ballet and music into brilliant, jewel-like shows. And "Winter Tryst," ARE's latest offering this past weekend at UT's McCullough Theatre, was no exception.

Performers break mold
The Daily Texan
The American Repertory Ensemble is not traditional. The musicians are not relegated to a symphony pit or to the side of the stage, and dancers are not a background support to the music.
The Austin-based ensemble company combines the best of them all in a way that is unique, with no one discipline given the focus of having the stage to itself. Because of this, some of Austin's best classical and chamber musicians are as much the stars of the show as the ballerinas.

Three Questions with David Justin
Austin American-Statesman
Combining intimate live chamber music with original stagings of short contemporary ballet works, American Repertory Ensemble has carved a niche for itself on the Austin arts scene with its vibrant, polished programs. Artistic director David Justin, who also performs and choreographs in the company's newest show "Winter Tryst," took a moment to talk about some of the pieces in the show. Read more...

LINGO - July 2007

Austin Chronicle Review
After the final notes of Lingo, Rob Deemer and David Justin, co-artistic directors of American Repertory Ensemble, delighted the audience with a spirited, tangential conversation about their collaboration. The two alluded to the essence of their artistic spark: How do music and dance interrelate? And further, how can they? Read more...

Austin American-Statesman Review
It’s not a secret anymore: American Repertory Ensemble is no longer the hidden gem of Austin arts scene. With ‘Lingo,’ which opened Friday at McCullough Theatre, the organization’s clever combination of live chamber music performed on stage with modern ballet proved that it had arrived: American Repertory Ensemble is what fans of spirited yet meticulously-presented dance and music programming can look forward to in the off season. Read more...

Austin American-Statesman Preview
With 'Lingo,' American Repertory Ensemble creates new style
Mixing new and old, ballet and chamber music for a new approach
The way David Justin and Rob Deemer describe it, they've always been interested in playing in others' sandboxes. "Both of us are inclined to collaboration and both of us like to be taken out of our creative element," Justin says. That was abundantly clear as the artistic co-directors of American Repertory Ensemble rehearsed the group's new show the other day in a studio theater at the University of Texas. "Lingo" opens Friday for a two-weekend run. Read more...

Dialogues - July 2006

The Austinist Review
When your roster of artists includes dancers from the Joffrey Ballet, Boston Ballet, Atlanta Ballet and Oregon Ballet Theatre, musicians from the Tosca String Quartet, and two Artistic Directors that are already rising stars in their respective disciplines, your work has to meet some seriously high expectations. Read more…

Austin360 Review
The evening of Friday, July 21, 2006 witnessed the birth of a truly world-class performing arts organization here in Austin. Read more…

Austinist Preview

Austin Chronicle Preview

Austin American-Statesman
Arts: Summertime is a good time to start a new dance troupe. Read more…

A photographer’s review, by Amitava Sarkar

CriticalDance.com Review of Edinburgh performance
The cup overfloweth when it comes to dance at the 2006 Festival Fringe. One of this year's highlights is the Austin-based American Repertory Ensemble. Read more…

Dance Expression Magazine Review of Edinburgh performance

Ballet.co Magazine Review of Edinburgh performance
There are always hidden gems tucked away in the massive programme of over 28,000 performances on the Edinburgh Fringe. Read more…

First Taste - January 2006

Austin Chronicle Preview
You got dance in my classical. You got classical in my dance. Read more…


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