A.R.E. Mission and Values



A.R.E. is a contemporary classical dance and chamber music ensemble whose mission is to create, innovate, curate, and facilitate educational events and performances of intensely eclectic original and master works.  Your support brings the finest dancers in the nation and the finest musical artists of Austin together in innovative formats, engaging audiences equally in the joys of music and dance.


  1. To demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity among our audience, students, artists and staff

  2. To insist on a high standard of excellence in all aspects of the organization

  3. To share America's rich cultural legacy with national and international communities

  4. To present an intensely broad and eclectic repertoire

  5. To promote the creation of new work and the continued celebration of established works

  6. To achieve a financial stability that allows for the full measure of this mission to be met

American Repertory Ensemble produces performance events designed to engage the community with professional artists of the highest caliber and to educate audiences in the processes involved with the making, the doing, and the observation of art. Artists are brought together to create, rehearse and perform works over a several week period. Throughout this period, public forums are offered for students to view class, discuss process and comment on outcomes. The resulting performance program is offered for free to local vocational students of the performing arts community. This same program is offered to the general public for a small fee, which goes toward subsidizing the projects and the organization.

American Repertory Ensemble is deeply committed to the creation of new work in the presence of masterpieces. This means that we balance works of noted historical and artistic merit with creations of new dance, music and theatre. Each event varies in scale and scope of dance and music depending on artist availability, venue, and funding. Through these activities we foster the proactive exchange of artist / student relationships; we facilitate the making of new work; and we share the history of masterworks with students and adults.


The Way WE Roll