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Becoming a Friend of ARE is as easy.  Even if you only have $1 or a few airline miles to donate, we want you with us.  Here is where your contribution goes:

  1. $10 provides an eager child an opportunity to attend a hands on workshop with our famous dancers and musicians

  2. 1 hour of volunteering helps us call 5 people to say “Thank You”

  3. $25 provides 1 of the 250 hours that our artists need in the studio to craft an extraordinary performance

  4. $50 brings five students to a free performance and a post-show discussion with the artists 

  5. $100 keeps our ballerinas in pointe shoes for two weeks of rehearsal and shows

  6. $600 pays one artist’s salary for one week of cross-cultural exchange and performance

  7. Opening your home for a visiting artist to stay saves A.R.E. over $800 per week (and is tax deductible for you)

  8. $1000 helps to provide ARE the seeds of opportunity to create a new masterpiece

Your support will make a difference.  Become a Friend yourself or contribute in the name of someone who loves the arts. 


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